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Social & Information Network Analysis - Spring 2017


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We are surrounded by networks – networks of friendship, networks of communication, and networks of roads are just to name a few. Can we learn anything from these networks? Are all network similar? Can we find which friend is more influential in my friendship network? Which road may results extreme traffic jams in a city, if blocked? How does your position in a social network may (dis)advantage you? The answers to such questions exist in the literature of Network Science.

The emerging field of Network Science aims to understand why many networks share these fascinating features and also to investigate that what properties consist of these networks in terms of the spread of diseases, routing information, and ranking of the vertices present in the network.

This course will cover computer science topics and other relevant material of field Network Science. The scope of this course is limited to Social and Information Networks as there are many other kinds of networks like Biological Networks and Economic Networks.

Course Description: 

Course description is available here.



  • Assignment 1 is out, the due date is 8th March 2017. (PDF)


Course materials are available at Dropbox Folder

Week 1

  • Topics: Introduction to Class, Introduction to Networks
  • Lecture Slides: Lecture01, Lecture1

Week 2

  • Topics: Basic Terminologies and Representation
  • Lecture Slides: Lecture2
  • Reading Assignment: Chapter 2 & Chapter 3 of the book "Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything" (check dropbox folder)

Week 3

  • Topics: Regular Graphs, Small-world networks
  • Lecture Slides: Lecture 3 

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

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