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Open Network Data Repository for Pakistan (ONAP)

This project started with the objective to gather and publish network datasets related to Pakistan as open data. You can read further about this project and published data at here

Models for Complex Networks 

I am working on this project with Dr. Faraz Zaidi. We study different real-world networks to understand the dynamics behind the formation of these networks in order to generate similar synthetic networks. We are also investigating the performance of different community detection algorithms on synthetic networks. We have discovered some interesting insight into the limitations of commonly using community detection algorithms. Some of these insights are already published in international conferences and journals. 

Socio-Political Landscape of Pakistan

I am working on this project with Dr. Shah Jamal Alam, to study the socio-political landscape of Pakistan on social media. The major objectives of this project are to analyze the usage of social media and regional languages in online social networks by people from different regions of Pakistan. Presently, this project is in the data gathering and analysis phase.

Model to generate Small-World and Scale-free Networks with Community Structures (code/ software)

This software is to demonstrate the model discussed in the paper "Tunable and Growing Network Generation Model with Community Structures". This model is for generation of networks with scale-free and small-world properties as well as the presence of community structures - where each community satisfies three characteristics: connectivity within each community follows power-law, communities have high clustering coefficient and hierarchical community structures are present in the networks

The software works with Tulip software ( version 3.7 on Windows 32/64bit. You have to install Tulip 3.7 on your machine (instructions are given below) in order to use this software. You may also need additional plug-ins for visualization (optional).


Twitter Ego Network Extractor

This utility can extract an ego network from twitter profile. Am ego network is focused around a focal node and containing the node with his adjacencies. However, each adjacency also has their own ego network, but only those relation/edge are considered which are mutual for focal nodes.