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Network Dataset Collections

There ar a number of respositories available which contains datasets of different kind of networks including social networks, information networks, technological networks etc. However, different repositories are providing datasets in different formats. The objective of this page is to provide datasets in one standard format and we are using GML format for this purpose. 

Pakistan Railway Network: The network is extracted from daata available at official site of Pakistan Railways. Each node represents a railway stations whereas an edge represents existing of a  direct route between two stations. Please cite: Syed, J.; Rahim, S. & Pasta, M. Q., "Pakistan Railway Network Dataset", 2016. Download GML

Karachi Bus Routes Network: Karachi is a city on the rise, it is the financial and commercial center of Pakistan. We extracted network from all the public and private buses travel in Karachi. In this network nodes are locations of the city and edges are the route exist between two nodes via a bus. Please cite: Naima Khan, Fizza, Muhammad Qasim Pasta, "Karachi Bus Routes Network", 2016. Download GML


Ohter Repositories: