Muhammad Qasim Pasta

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My entrepreneurship journey is a perfect example of a roller coaster ride - still continue. It has many downs and few ups :) I belong to Memon community - which is known as a business community. So one can safely say that business and entrepreneurship is in my root. However, I decided to not take entrepreneurship as the synonym of business - but a mechanism to create jobs by introducing an innovative technological solution.

I started my first venture in 2003 - Soft-Club, a software development company. We developed a number of small software on Foxpro - famous database system at that time. Our value proposition was an attractive graphical interface instead of the classic text-based interfaces provided by our competitors at that time. We also gain business by offering services for website development, a niche market at that time. This startup earns me my undergraduate studies.

I started another venture in 2010 - Naveeta Enterprises. Started with a hosting company, turn into a customizable software development company, we introduced a new software licensing model in our local market i.e. pay-per-use for our ePOS product. This model gained quite a success, especially among small super-stores.

In 2013, I decided to focus on Ph.D. research and deferred my journey of entrepreneurship. However, I have been teaching Technological Entrepreneurship courses in different universities and mentoring number of students for their startup.