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I am a Computer Science graduate student in PhD program at PAF-KIET. My advisor is Dr. Faraz Zaidi, and my research interest primarily in Social Network Analysis. I am especially interested in study of dynamics behind formation of different social networks. I am also associated with UIT as Assistant Professor where I am also leading in-house software development team. I also started a software development company Naveeta Enterprise in 2010 which deals mainly in retail industry solution. I love traveling and mountains; feel myself lucky on visiting Fairy Meadows, a paradise on earth, in my life. I was part of teams that climbed Susar Peak (4600) in 2013 and Base Camp-I of mighty Nanga Parbat in 2012.

In the past, I received my Master’s in Computer Science from PAF-KIET; my thesis focused on models to manage dynamic behaviors of Smartphone on the basis of user's location. I also have wide experience of software development and served in software industry in different roles from Jr. Software Engineer to Technical Lead, notably at ITIM Systems and Ovrlod Pvt. Ltd. I have developed my expertise in network analysis and graph databases such as Neo4j. Recently, I also passed exam to become Certified Neo4j Professional