Muhammad Qasim Pasta

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I am associated with Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) as Assistant Professor. I have completed my Ph.D. Computer Science under the supervision of Dr. Faraz Zaidi. The title of my dissertation is Models to generate complex networks and benchmark graphs. My research interest primarily in Social Network Analysis. I am especially interested in the study of dynamics behind the formation of different social networks. I also started a software development company Naveeta Enterprise in 2010 which deals mainly in retail industry solution. I love traveling and mountains; feel myself lucky on visiting Fairy Meadows, a paradise on earth, in my life. I was part of teams that climbed Susar Peak (4600) in 2013 and Base Camp-I of mighty Nanga Parbat in 2012.

In the past, I received my Master’s in Computer Science from PAF-KIET; my thesis focused on models to manage dynamic behaviors of Smartphone on the basis of user's location. I also have wide experience of software development and served in the software industry in different roles from Jr. Software Engineer to Technical Lead, notably at ITIM Systems and Ovrlod Pvt. Ltd. I have developed my expertise in network analysis and graph databases such as Neo4j. I have also passed the exam to become a Certified Neo4j Professional


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